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School district needs an overhaul

The May 15 letter from Judith Smith about the local teacher shortage was most informative — as well as disturbing, given that a person with her background and 25 years of experience would be denied employment because the Clark County School District does not recognize her credentials from California and Idaho.

If this is true, it is a perfect example of the inmates taking over the asylum.

Is it any wonder that the entire school system needs to be overhauled and some of the “administrators” making the decisions removed?

Walter Goldstein


Drugged driving

Regarding the drug issue, let’s cut through all the political correctness and revert to reality.

For most of my adult years, I drove big rigs. Perhaps you are aware of a federal law stating that any driver can be drug tested at any time. I wonder how this would work for all the drug users. As soon as a company looking for quality employees at top wages mentions a drug screening test, half of the potential applicants spontaneously get up and leave.

Am I missing something? Have I not heard that people cannot find jobs? Has the press, on numerous occasions reported that American companies are hiring foreign workers? Has the excuse not been given that our educational system is not meeting employers’ needs for highly specialized jobs?

On one single-lane highway traversing the eastern shore of Virginia and Maryland, there are flashing signs warning about drug-sniffing dogs. The brakes and tires screech as the oncoming cars exit, waiting in line to make illegal U-turns. Too late, as the police, expecting such behavior, start pulling over drivers and handing out tickets.

I was on a highway, approaching a tunnel. A car was noticeably hesitating, as it also approached the tunnel. As I crested the hill, there was the car, stopped dead in the middle of the Interstate in my lane. It was all I could do, mustering my 30 years experience, to keep my rig upright and my life intact. Was the car’s driver on drugs? Although I will never know, what I do know is the police were too busy stopping drivers making illegal U-turns to do any drug testing.

Now we have a debate as to whether to legalize drugs — not just marijuana — in Nevada. What are we to do, should drugs become legalized here? How many cars will the police find, stopped in the middle of the road because the drivers’ minds are too dulled to know how to navigate the roadway? How many people are going to die because of unexpected maneuvers by drugged drivers?

And, by the way, who are the people who want to legalize drugs?

More significantly, who are the politicians who want to pass this legalization? So many of our officials, high and low, are users. Who’s minding the hen house?

Richard Shengulette

Las Vegas

Ha, ha

I needed a good laugh, and I got one Saturday when I read the letters to the editor headlined, “The last gasp of the white, straight majority?”

Dave Starr spent five paragraphs telling me what I can and should do. Then he proceeds to say that nobody has the right to be able to tell others what they can and should do.

Thanks for the chuckle.

Robert E. Smith

Las Vegas

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