Scott Dozier being tortured by anti-death penalty zealots

The fiasco surrounding the death penalty for Scott Dozier is nothing more than cruel and unusual torture of the man. He has several times made it clear that he wants to be executed rather than spend the rest of his life in a cage. (I can understand that desire.) The ACLU is not doing him or anyone else any favors by finding ways to delay this execution.

The argument that the particular cocktail of drugs has never been used before and therefore should not be used now is totally specious. Every cocktail of execution drugs had to be used for the first time somewhere. Further, allowing the manufacturer of the drug to specify how its drug is to used — regardless of a physician’s approval — is stretching the First Amendment a bit far.

I have never understood why human executions cannot be carried out with the same drugs that are used to put old and terminally sick animals to death. We call that “putting our pets down.” I have had to have two dogs “put down” and have watched the procedure and it is quick and the animal does not suffer. Whether or not the death penalty is constitutional should not be debated when a prisoner has quite clearly stated that he wants to be put to death.

What is going on now with respect to Dozier is torture, nothing more or less.

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