Senior citizens and so-called entitlements

I cringe every time I hear someone take issue with the word “entitlement” when referring to Social Security. There is a misunderstanding of what an entitlement is. An entitlement simply means that we are entitled to the benefit based on our participation in the system, and that Congress does not need to authorize an expenditure each year to fund that benefit.

What many people believe about Social Security, however, is based on lies and deceptions that they’ve been told for decades.

Social Security is statutory law, not a constitutional right. Just as Congress created Social Security, it could just as easily dismantle it. It is not insurance, an investment or a pension; it is a payroll tax-based welfare payment system that transfers money from the working class to the retired class.

Due to government theft of the Social Security Trust Fund, there is no longer any money set aside. All the money ever collected has been spent for other purposes, and all that is left is a public debt. The only way to pay back that debt is to tax us again to replace the taxes we’ve already paid. Chew on that for a while.

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