Slowpokes in the left lane foul up traffic

After reading all the articles and opinions regarding motorist who impede traffic by not keeping right, I can’t help believe that everyone (including our legislators) is making this much more complicated than it really is. It’s really very simple: Keep right, pass left.

In other words, if you are not passing another vehicle, stay out of the left lane. This removes speed limits and speed of travel from the equation. It also removes the need to pass on the right, which causes motorists to zig-zag through traffic.

Why is this law not already in effect? It’s about time our legislators, and lawmakers pass this bill, and without all the legal mumbo jumbo, making it easy for all of us to understand. Maybe once these motorists start getting ticketed, they will begin to move over which will ease the flow of traffic on our busy highways.

Far too many times have we all been stuck behind someone who refuses to move from the left lane.

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