Smith tells us who ‘Kenny Clutch’ really was

To the editor:

The past few days, John L. Smith’s columns have been spot-on. He has offered the only truthful portrayal of last week’s fiery Strip crash and the thugs involved of any of the local news outlets.

How did shooting victim Kenny Cherry Jr. afford his fancy car and condo with no job? Did his attorney even bother to check his tax returns to see how she was getting paid?

I wish more local journalists and television news teams had the integrity to report what is really going on in the background of these stories. I love and have been reading Mr. Smith’s columns for many years and know he reports the truth regardless of bank balance.



Perfect choice

To the editor:

Kudos to John L. Smith for his columns on Kenneth Cherry Jr. and last week’s deadly shooting and crash on the Strip. Mr. Smith obviously did his homework.

As to the family selecting Bob Beckett as their attorney for whatever reason, this was a humorous move. Certainly, Mr. Beckett, the former Nye County district attorney, knows a thing or two, or even three, about crashing cars. Mr. Beckett has crashed government cars on more than one occasion.



Thanks, John

To the editor:

Congratulations and a thank you to John L. Smith for writing the true story of “Kenny Clutch,” who died in last week’s shooting on the Strip, in Sunday’s Review-Journal. I don’t think there were too many people who knew what kind of man he was.



Amazing, distracting

To the editor:

I love the flying exhibition team from Nellis Air Force Base. These are brave, courageous young men and women who put their collective lives out there each and every time they perform. I applaud their abilities.

However, I wish they would change their training schedule and not fly over Sunrise Mountain at early morning rush hour. We have enough geniuses on the road at that time, and the last thing we need is for some of these drivers, while they are putting on their makeup and texting at the same time, to be even more distracted by incredible aeronautical feats.



More to come

To the editor:

Gasoline prices are going through the roof. It is $2 per gallon more than when President Barack Obama took office. He has added $6 trillion to our national debt and has conspired with eco-nuts to foil any attempt at building an oil refinery or coal-fired power plant anywhere in the United States. The price of gasoline is only going to go higher.

Prices rising in a down market can only mean one thing: inflation. Our dollar is worth thirty-three cents less than when Mr. Obama took office. (Can you imagine how the media would handle these facts if George W. Bush were still president?)

Unemployment continues to hover at about 8 percent, as it has for three years. Taxes have gone up, especially on the middle class. Don’t believe that? Check your withholding on your paycheck stub. Food prices continue their steep ascent, the economy is in the tank, and there is unimaginable gridlock in Washington, D.C. The Obama administration is now releasing illegal immigrants because (they say) of budget cuts. We haven’t cut anything yet.

And on top of all that, four American citizens were killed in Benghazi, and this administration asks, “What difference does it make?”

To all you Obama supporters out there: Had enough change yet? Well, stick around, because, to paraphrase old jazz singer, Al Jolson, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”



Like Castro

To the editor:

Wednesday’s article, “Illegal immigrants released by ICE as budget cuts loom,” reminds me of another dictator: Fidel Castro.

Castro opened up his prisons in Cuba and released what he called “undesirable criminals” to immigrate to our then-beautiful country in the late ’50s and ’60’s. What a coincidence that our dictator, aka Barack Hussein Obama, is doing the same to all of us while he, his wife, mother-in-law and daughters are safe and sound with the protection of the Secret Service for the next four years and beyond.



Too fast

To the editor:

I find it ludicrous that the Nevada Legislature is considering raising the speed limit on Nevada’s highways, even in scarcely populated areas (Tuesday Review-Journal).

A speed limit of 85 mph is only safe on a speedway with trained racecar drivers. Our highways don’t meet speedway standards, and most drivers aren’t professional racers. A collision at 35 mph can be deadly. At 85 mph, cars will disintegrate — as will any passenger. Driving in Nevada and in Las Vegas has become more stressful than driving in any other city or state I’ve lived in, including major metropolitan areas in California and Illinois. Drivers are already going 85 mph to as fast as their cars will go — without raising the limit.

Does Nevada really want to be the leader in traffic deaths?



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