Something must be done to reform American health care

One-payer health care is like the description of democracy. The worst system — except for all the others.

Our current system is just not working. Many in this country simply cannot afford health care. I agree there are many unanswered questions and necessary discussions about single payer. The Canadian/British systems are not necessarily the best and funds will be required, but your criticisms of one-payer systems are red herrings. The idealistic health care you describe is a fantasy for all but the rich.

No choice? Those with employer supplied health care have a choice only among the doctors in the plan offered, which can change annually.

Market forces apply to health care? How do you rationally price a doctor? Is a $5,000 surgeon really better than a $3,000 surgeon, and what do you do in an emergency? Any drug you need to live is invaluable. How do you value any of them?

Drug companies raise costs with impunity, buy or die.

People report delays in getting care? There are times non-emergency care is delayed and it’s reasonable. Universal health care will raise costs as it provides care to all. But it’s a sign of a truly civilized society. To do less is barbaric.

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