State GOP leaders should have been in Cleveland

I could not agree more with Dave Mesker’s July 19 letter “No-shows” about the failure of Gov. Brian Sandoval and Republican members of the Nevada congressional delegation to attend the GOP convention.

Our governor is a liberal disguised as a Republican. Rep. Cresent Hardy is a do-nothing who contacts me regularly for donations. I have repeatedly e-mailed him, especially on Social Security, with no response.

I watched state party chairman Michael J. McDonald announce the numbers for Donald Trump’s nomination at the convention. He was as uninspired as ever.

I attended a Trump rally in town. After the event, I spoke briefly with Mr. McDonald and inquired if he would be receptive to some ideas that I had. He politely gave me his personal card with his email and invited me to contact him. I did twice and never got any response.

I’ve been a Republican for more than 50 years. No longer. These guys want my money, my vote and nothing else. Donald Trump will assuredly get my vote. Nevada Republicans shunned the convention in Cleveland. Perhaps they will get Harry Reid’s vote. Certainly not mine.

Ron Hirschkind

Las Vegas

White terrorist

I find it rather interesting that Glenn Franklin Jones, the “bomber” who blew himself up in Panaca, was identified in your story as a former nurse who lost his license in 1993. He was also described by his former employees as “so nice and so friendly.”

I ask, why is there no mention or use of the word “terrorist”? Why is there no mention of his race or religion? My best guess is it’s because Jones is a white male. Thus, he cannot possibly be a terrorist.

If someone uses a bomb or other incendiary devices to inflict pain, injury and terror — as did Jones — he is nothing less than a terrorist. Or does that not apply to Caucasians?

John Lujan

Las Vegas

Security risk

During an interview in response to the Nice massacre, Hillary Clinton said something to the effect that nations interested in fighting terrorism need improved cooperation, especially in developing, sharing and analyzing intelligence.

Well, put yourself in the shoes of a foreign intelligence agency faced with a Hillary Clinton presidency. Given her record of handling classified information, how comfortable are you going to be sharing intelligence with the United States, or with any other country that might share that intelligence with us?

The answer is obvious.

Mrs. Clinton’s record as secretary of state was one failure or disaster after another, many of which will haunt us for some time. Instead of encouraging cooperation, a Hillary Clinton presidency will force our allies to go their own way on certain security matters or form new alliances to protect themselves.

James Moldenhauer

North Las Vegas

All transparent

In response to the Wednesday letter from Virgil Swartwood, “Government benefits”:

I’m glad to see that a Public Employee Retirement System participant is demanding that other people receiving government benefits — specifically “welfare recipients who never worked for a penny of their benefits” — be subjected to the same transparency that the Review-Journal has been asking for from PERS.

All I can say to Mr. Swartwood is welcome to the Republican Party.

Victor Moss

Las Vegas

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