Step aside, let Democrats oversee their debacle

To the editor:

If the Republican Party were smart it would just commit suicide, at least at the national level. By that I mean that every Republican senator and representative should just resign and give complete control to the Democrats.

The people have spoken, and it is their wish to drive the country into insolvency. So when this happens (as it surely will), why would the Republicans want to be around to take all the blame? It is the Democrats who have created all these unsustainable programs (i.e., Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and now ObamaCare), so why should the Republicans take the blame when it becomes obvious that we simply cannot print and borrow any more money?

Let the mobs take their frustrations out where the blame lies: the Democrats.



Budgeting problem

To the editor:

I am writing about the audacity of the Clark County School District in lamenting the loss of the initiative to stick homeowners with the bill to rebuild and renovate schools.

Homeowners understand that structures need to be maintained and aging systems replaced. We as homeowners have to budget for that. CCSD should hold those in its organization accountable for crafting and approving budgets that do not provide for maintaining existing buildings.

Buildings 30 to 50 years old do not need to be torn down, just remodeled and maintained. The majority of homeowners have seen their homes lose value and expect lower taxes, not an increase to support poor planning on the part of CCSD.



Computer error?

To the editor:

The premise that every vote counts is pure bull.

After moving back to Nevada from California, my wife and I did everything legal to be able to vote. We went to the DMV and got Nevada driver’s licenses, registered our vehicles and also registered to vote. All of this was done before Oct. 16, the last day to register to vote. On calling the voter registration number, we were told they never received our information from the DMV so we would not be able to vote for state of Nevada offices, though we could vote provisionally for federal offices.

We located our polling place and explained it to the people there. They had us fill out a form for provisional voting. After filling out the form we were told that we would be allowed to vote but our vote would not count. Their suggestion was to go back and vote at our last polling place – which just happens to be in California.

If we are registered in the state of Nevada, isn’t it unlawful to vote somewhere else? I’m a Vietnam veteran, and to be told my vote would not count is an insult to me and every other legitimate citizen in the U.S. So when someone tells you every vote counts, it’s just propaganda.

In this day of computers, what happened? They can take money out of my bank account in three seconds. Why can’t my name be put on the voter registration rolls?



There’s still hope!

To the editor:

Well, the election is over. Now Vladimir Putin can see all the “flexibility” that President Obama promised to show him “when I’m re-elected.” This slow and steady transition to socialism is what the majority of us (albeit very slim) wanted. All that hope and change is on its way! It’s just going to take four more years. Be patient.

Even though my health insurance premium went from $358 per month to $740 per month, there is still hope. After all, there is ObamaCare. Even though I have lost more than 65 percent of my income to the Obama economy, there is still hope! There are two-plus years of unemployment benefits because of Obama.

Even though gas is $4 per gallon, there is still hope! Mr. Obama has a plan for that, too. We will all be given a golf cart for transportation by the end of his second term. Even though Medicare and Social Security will bankrupt our government, there is still hope! Mr. Obama will renew his payroll tax cut and tax the rich and feed the poor till there are rich no more. Plus we will all get an iPhone.

Even though 47 percent of the population is getting a check from the government and is entirely dependent on the government for their very survival, Mr. Obama has a plan for that, too. Increase that to more than 50 percent in order to shore up his voting base.

The only problem is that the rest of us will be left with no more hope – only change.



Poor investments

To the editor:

Ralph Englestad collected cars, Jackie Gaughan collected coins, Steve Wynn collects art, and Sheldon Adelson has been collecting politicians.

Sadly, though, they rarely go up in value, and right now Mr. Adelson would like to poke his elbow through “Le Reve.”



Bait and switch

To the editor:

After having the president and his family travel to Las Vegas just about every other week for the past six months, let’s see how many times he visits Las Vegas in the next four years. It is easy in Las Vegas to become the “mark,” but like any sucker in a con game, you won’t realize you’re the chump until the con is over.

The clock starts now.



School tax

To the editor:

Once again the voters in this state have proved why Nevada will remain at the bottom of all educational (and other) criteria by failing to pass the school district tax. Not only do we need more schools, the teachers need to be paid more.



Familiar road

To the editor:

I suspect that the United States has just stepped onto the road that the Roman Empire marched down. And that Mexico has finally won the War of 1846.

Stock up your larders. I think it is going to get rough.



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