Story a ploy to attract attention, sell papers

I find the front-page “Diplomat Shot” headline in Tuesday’s Review-Journal to be repulsive and selfish. There is no more cowardly act than for someone to kill an unarmed person.

Almost as reprehensible is to glorify this shooter by posting this on the front page of your newspaper. I expect the Review-Journal to have a little more journalistic class than what was displayed in this ploy to attract attention in order to sell newspapers.

William T. Clark

Las Vegas

Driving rant I

I have lived in Las Vegas for awhile, and I am becoming increasingly aware of what appears to be poor civil engineering in our community, beginning with the “saw-tooth” roads. Why would anyone tolerate major roads that have varying widths as the transit for an area?

The speed limits are almost as bizarre as the road width. I see six-lane roads set at 35 mph, while two-lanes are 45 mph. I somewhat understand the “collector” road system, but these speed limits make no sense unless you are attempting to set up a speed trap.

If the roadways don’t bother you, what about the parking lots? In many of the larger shopping-center parking lots, we find parking stalls that are barely wide enough for a 1955 VW bug. The width of the space between the lanes of parked cars is barely wide enough to permit a five-point turn when parking any vehicle larger than a tricycle.

And finally, we have traffic circles. Unless you received your driving education and practice outside of the United States, these are unfamiliar obstacles. People do not know how to navigate them.

David R. Woodard

Las Vegas

Driving rant II

I live near Anthem Highlands and Inspirada in Henderson and it is the Wild West of driving out here. No one seems to obey speed limits, stop signs or traffic lights and the police presence is nonexistent.

I’ve been passed by other drivers who are doing 45 mph to 50 mph in 25 mph areas where children are present. On the new four-lane Volunteer Road between Via Inspirada and Las Vegas Boulevard, the speed limit is 45 mph and slows down to 35 mph at the M Resort. The actual traffic speed is 55 mph to 60 mph with the occasional 70 mph driver.

Stop signs and right turns on a red light are just inconveniences that require only a slow-down roll through.

I guess it’s true that the more affluent areas don’t get policed much. I hope this changes before we see more obituaries published in the Review-Journal.

Richard Palyo


Trump debate

The Review-Journal recently printed two rebuttals to my letter regarding the sanity or ignorance of Donald Trump regarding his stance on intelligence briefings. The first letter, from Jim Armburst, claimed that what I wrote was not what Mr. Trump said. Well, who can tell when Mr. Trump says one thing on Monday and rebuts his Monday tweet on Tuesday and another on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday?

Mr. Trump truly appears to be a habitual liar who has psychopathic tendencies.

The second letter, by David Jaronik, refers to outrageous transgressions Hillary Clinton supposedly committed while she was secretary of state. What in the world does that have to do with Mr. Trump and security briefings?

I would also like to relay that I am not a hard, fast liberal. I am a fact-checking independent.

Don Ellis


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