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Story should serve as a lesson about government promises

I do hope that everyone read the article by Peter Jamison on the Washington Post reprinted recently in the Review-Journal. It shows exactly what is wrong when the government promises everything for everyone, although that is not pointed out in the article.

The story documents the plight of a D.C. woman who thought she and her four children would be provided housing by the district’s government (taxpayers). She was surprised when there was a limit to what she could get and the district instead gave them bus tickets to North Carolina.

This should be a lesson when it comes to everything the government promises, whether it be food stamps, housing or health care. The public sector, on its own, cannot give something to someone that it has not taken from someone else. While we can sympathize with the woman and her four children, some of these issues are better handled by charities — especially those charities that promote personal responsibility.

There is a limit to what the government (taxpayers) can continue to give.

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