Take the nuclear waste in return for water from Great Lakes

Historically, whoever controls the water has had the power. This is still true.

Nevada needs to broker a deal in which we take the nuclear material in exchange for the transfer of fresh water to the state. The Great Lakes hold 21 percent of the world’s fresh water — not to mention the Ohio, Mississippi and Hudson rivers and all of their tributaries. Why would we want nuclear waste to remain near so much of our fresh water and half our population?

The Nevada National Security Site (formally the Nevada Test Site) will never be opened as a national park. The site is the most secure place for this waste. If you think that industry cannot build a pipeline to Nevada for water, take a look at Google Images of gas and oil pipelines in the United States. You will be amazed.

David Moore

Las Vegas

Dealing jobs

In response to the recent letter writer who proposed that casinos post signs encouraging players to tip dealers: They would be getting fewer tips.

A dealer in Las Vegas is one of the best jobs there is. The 8-hour day is only 6½ or 6 hours dealing. You get great insurance. They feed you. It doesn’t matter if you happen to deal on graveyard and there is no business, as you pool tips — except for poker dealers, who really have the best jobs. When you don’t get a tip from Bill, the next guy Jon will tip.

I have dealt for more than 30 years. The job is the nuts. You also meet a lot of people.

Jay Friedman

Las Vegas

No cost?

In response to Steve Sebelius’s Wednesday commentary, “Money idles gun checks”: Mr Sebelius notes that “a fee might have killed Question 1.” The initiative framers tried to go around the state’s working system in order to confuse the voter into thinking there would be no cost to the end users of the measure.

I hope Nevada voters will be a little more careful next time. You never get something for nothing.

Frank Walker

Las Vegas

Anyone listening?

I know this is a dead horse folks, but it needs to be beaten one more time. It’s a well-known fact that the overwhelming majority of Nevadans want a state-run lottery. We are tired of driving to California or Arizona to buy tickets.

It is also a well-known fact why we don’t have one already: The greedy casino operators don’t want one.

I just wish there was one person — one lonely soul in either the state Assembly or Senate — with the courage to tell the gaming industry that the people want a lottery and are going to have one. The bulk of the proceeds from said lottery could then be earmarked for our dismal education system, which again just ranked last in the nation.

Is there anyone at all out there listening to the voice of the people?

Tim Hicks

Las Vegas

Shrinking goods

I have been the main purchaser of food for my family for more than 50 years. Over the past several years I have observed that package sizes are reducing with no reduction in price. You see this most obviously in cereal, chips and canned goods.

Yet I never see comments about this when people calculate inflation and the affect it has on families as a result of this industry-wide change in packaging. I think this trend and its impact should be better highlighted.

Robert Hadfield

Las Vegas

One at a time

In response to your Friday story, “Las Vegas renews push for soccer team”: Why? Las Vegas cannot support a franchise in every sport. We have an NHL team and are making a major effort to acquire the Raiders of the NFL. We need to concentrate on one sport at a time.

We want and need this NFL franchise. If we continue to look for other franchises, we could screw-up the Raider deal. And if we lose this NFL team for reasons other than the owners or commissioner, heads should roll.

Emerson Cooper

Las Vegas

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