Taxpayers abused by school lawsuits that cost millions

It is a travesty that taxpayers are the ones paying for the actions of employees of the Clark County School District (“CCSD may settle cases,” Friday Review-Journal). The district is considering settling various bullying and sexual misconduct charges for $7 million dollars. The district is simply the conduit through which the payoff money will flow.

I believe there should be consequences for bad behavior, but in the cases where the payer of the damages is the taxpayer, there should be a cap in place. For example, many municipalities have a $50,000 cap on lawsuits. Our legislature should institute such a cap for suing school districts. If plaintiffs and their lawyers want to enrich themselves further, they should sue the accused employee personally.

Yes, there are exceptions to all cases, especially where the injury is grievous, or the behavior heinous, but in general, putting the taxpayer on the hook to make plaintiff’s instant millionaires over minor infractions is not fair to the taxpaying public. Sadly, our litigious society has made lawsuits akin to winning the lottery.

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