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Taxpayers have nothing to do with public pensions

To the editor:

In response to Glenn Cook’s Sunday column, “How much do we pay people to not work?”:

You don’t pay anyone anything. The Public Employees’ Retirement System is a fund paid into by the employee and employer. Same concept as a 401(k). Benefits paid out of PERS are from the fund, not from the taxpayer.

Never forget, though, fact and logic are no match for misinformation and emotion.

And please take some time and explain why it is relevant to know the names of individuals and their pension amounts? Your only goal there is to cause people grief. You are trying to rouse public condemnation against individual persons, not a system.

Shameful and irresponsible, as we have come to expect.

Roy Scott

Las Vegas

Tebow done

To the editor:

Now that the ticks have tocked on Tebow Time, perhaps the Lord can get back to more important issues than football. I always found it a bit sanctimonious and not quite Christian that Tim Tebow only did his freestyle genuflection after he did something well.

Seems to me those who seek the Lord’s guidance are also fond of doing so in the darkest of hours (think of the role model who tosses an interception or fumbles and then seeks God’s shoulder).

Kent Wallace


Baseball blackouts

To the editor:

I could not agree more with the letter from William C. Dwyer on Major League Baseball’s TV blackouts (Review-Journal, Monday).

When I lived in Illinois, I was told by baseball Commissioner Bud Selig that my area, Rockford, could be claimed by only one team. I was equal distance from Milwaukee and Chicago. We were claimed by Milwaukee, so no Chicago games were blacked out from the Chicago area.

So, now living in Las Vegas, we are claimed by six different areas. Who drew these boundaries and cannot count to one?

For this reason I will not be renewing the MLB package with the cable provider this year. I missed too many games last summer that I wanted to watch.

So Mr. Selig is helping to hold our economy down in this way. The cable provider loses money from subscribers who are not renewing because of their disgust with his boundary lines. Thanks, Bud.

Linda Rye

Las Vegas

Failed commies

To the editor:

Nadia Romeo’s Saturday letter, “Greedy rich,” was misleading, inaccurate and incendiary. She says, “Corporations pay little or no taxes.” That is not true. Look up how much total money goes into the U.S. Treasury from corporations. And people might be interested to know that the dividends corporations pay out are taxed to the individual receiving the dividend. In most cases, the investment a person puts into the stock of a corporation was already taxed when the person earned it.

Ms. Romeo expressed adoration for communists and Bolsheviks. She may be interested to know that, in my lifetime, the communists/Bolsheviks/socialists have killed more than 100 million of their own people trying to make that system work — and still it failed.

Charles Gould

Las Vegas

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