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Texas voter rolls highlight a problem

It has just been reported by the Texas attorney general that more than 95,000 noncitizens are illegally registered to vote in Texas (Saturday Review-Journal wire service story). The Texas secretary of state has confirmed that more than 58,000 of these noncitizens have actually voted. California has done the same with “tens of thousands” of noncitizens added to the voter rolls via their Department of Motor Vehicles.

Nevada is no different. Yet Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske has done virtually nothing about the potential thousands of noncitizens being registered to vote here. She previously initiated a voter fraud investigation, laying blame on the DMV for adding noncitizens to the voter rolls. The fact that DMV employees have been providing “voter registration materials to customers they know to be noncitizens” has been an issue since 2016.

Now, through the ignorance of those Nevadans who voted in favor of Question 5, anyone who visits the DMV for a driver’s license or state ID will be automatically be registered to vote, Regardless of citizenship status. Previously, former Gov. Brian Sandoval vetoed a proposal for automatic registration. He did so to prevent a repeat of what has happened in California and Texas, but Nevada voters have opened the door for statewide voter fraud.

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