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The importance of the watchdog press

The Review-Journal should be commended, especially during this Sunshine Week, for its investigative journalism over the past couple years. Working to ensure transparency when it comes to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the Metropolitan Police Department, the city of Henderson and many other governments and organizations is of great value to the public.

I do, however, wish the editors and opinion writers of the Review-Journal would become a little more objective. Their disdain for government and social programs makes them hate any taxpayer expense for the poor and minorities.

Meanwhile, they ignore the tax avoidance, loopholes and white-collar crimes by individuals and corporations.

If you add up the cost of unethical and systematic benefits and illegal crimes by the privileged, it would be much larger than welfare and other unearned benefits given to poor. Also, they never want to tell us how almost all the governmental expenses benefit the rich disproportionately. Of course, the punishment for stealing a loaf of bread is much higher than embezzling millions from consumers and taxpayers. Let the sun shine on everything, not just some.

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LETTER: White House ‘pay gap’ a non-issue

The article clearly says that men and women doing the same job in the White House are being paid the same.