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The last gasp of the white, straight majority?

What if a gay couple opened a business and refused to serve white, straight people? What if a gay CEO of a company refused to hire white, straight people and started firing white, straight people for no reason?

What if a gay minister refused to marry white, straight people? What if a gay employee of a license bureau refused to issue marriage licenses to white, straight people?

Would there be a public outcry in response to any of the above scenarios? Of course. Yet red states allowed all these things to happen in reverse.

If being gay disturbs people with certain religious beliefs or personal agendas, so what? Lots of people don’t like Republicans, Democrats, blacks, gays, bullies, loud mouths, fat people, sloppy people, lazy people, drunks, showoffs, rich people, poor people, etc. But they don’t get to act on those dislikes.

Is this the last gasp of a white, straight majority in America seeking to impose their beliefs on all minorities? The day is coming and it’s not far off when nobody in America is going to be part of a majority. We’ll all be part of a nation of minorities.

Majorities don’t get to rule over all others (as Republicans believe). Instead, majorities should feel a responsibility to meld everyone into a “coexist” society. Nobody has a right to be able to tell others what they can and should do.

America should be a true melting pot, as our Founding Fathers imagined, and not be bigoted.

Dave Starr

Las Vegas

False promises

“Feeling the Bern” is the mantra we hear from the mindless acolytes of Bernie Sanders. Social Democracy is the unicorn good old Bernie is chasing through the political landscape as he promises free education, free health care and a litany of other “free” benefits.

And Hillary Clinton is no better — she is becoming Bernie-lite as she offers more and more free stuff.

Been to Venezuela or Brazil lately? Yeah, they’re feeling the burn as they have seen their promised socialist utopia turned into a quagmire of debt and unemployment. They lack basic services and have energy supplies that allow the government to turn on the lights only two days a week.

But no, say the Sanders supporters, we want a system such as Sweden where things are just peachy!

Yeah, peachy it is. A 40 percent minimum tax and a corresponding 25 percent sales tax. But guess what Bernie fans? That isn’t enough. Sweden is now implementing a raft of new taxes from surcharges on refrigerators to massive new taxes on gasoline that will increase the cost of a gallon to the $10 or $12 level. Retirement plans are being raided and inheritance taxes implemented — so the few pennies you can save over time are now going to be taxed again.

I can see no more group of people more ignorant, blinded and lured in by false promises than those who “feel the Bern.” I always notice Bernie never mentions the tax rates in his European utopias nor the fact that they are crumbling under the weight of social programs. Guess “feeling the Bern” doesn’t include telling the truth.

Joseph Schillmoeller

Las Vegas

Book ‘em

As a former librarian in the Clark County School District, I am dismayed that our district may eliminate librarians from our schools.

Several years ago, former Secretary of Education William J. Bennett made these comments: “Teach kids how to read and to become avid readers. A teacher’s most important job is to teach a love of reading.” He also said that, “The center of the school is the library.” And, “Books do not jump off shelves. Librarians have to help get them into the hands of the students.”

Let’s make libraries, literature and a love of reading priorities in our schools once again. Our kids deserve libraries and librarians who promote the love of reading.

Merilyn Grosshans

Las Vegas

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