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The Raiders and tax relief in Las Vegas

The Review-Journal’s April 20 editorial would have us believe that the Oakland Raider players are coming to Nevada for tax relief. The paper knows full well that these players are coming to Nevada because their team is moving to Las Vegas. And, should any of these players be traded, they are not going to say, “Sorry, I will not go. I want to stay here in Nevada because it doesn’t have a state income tax.”

There is no question that the lack of a state income tax is a plus for folks who have the luxury of deciding where they will live. This is especially true for retirees, many of whom have this luxury. But, the paper’s viewpoint that hordes of former Californians are pouring over the border into Nevada to escape taxes is as true as its beloved president’s statement that hordes of Mexicans are pouring over the country’s Southern border to commit crime.

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