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The reason why many in the public don’t like government unions

Your Thursday article “Protesters picket at SNHRA offices” quotes Byron Peterson, an employee and the union’s chief steward at the housing authority, as saying, “What’s our incentive to do a good job?” He is talking about the union’s demand to reinstate merit-based raises.

It is very simple, Mr. Peterson. Your incentive is continued employment, which your statement illustrates to me that you are not likely deserving of. A 16-year-old on his first day on the job flipping burgers or bagging groceries likely has already figured that out.

When I was a 12-year-old cutting lawns, that concept was already clear to me.

This entitlement mentality by unions, especially in the public sector, is one reason I have a basic contempt for them, as do a great percentage of the American public. I take heart in watching the demise of the unions that have cost us taxpayers so much with no input or choice in the matter, especially when I see this obnoxious in-your-face type of attitude from a union leader.

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