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The worker program America needs for immigrants

In response to Richard L. Strickland’s Oct. 29 letter (“Border problem”), which was a diatribe of far-left talking points: Rather than letting a flood of undocumented workers enter our country to fill worker shortages, we should re-establish the Bracero program, which was first implemented in 1942 to fill worker shortages resulting from World War II.

The common-sense provisions of the Bracero program were as follows:

■ All expenses were to be covered by the employer. This included transportation, housing, food, medical and any other expenditures incurred by the workers.

■ Bracero workers could not bring their families. Note: If our military personnel can be separated from their families during deployments, why can’t the same apply to Bracero workers?

■ Employers were responsible for ensuring that workers were returned to Mexico after their approximately six-month contract was completed (new Bracero program should include all countries of origin).

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