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Throwing money at the Boulder Highway pedestrian issue

I have lived in Las Vegas for 45 years and have seen the development of Boulder Highway and its pedestrian issues. After many, many discussions over the years, it is sad to see that the best our politicians can come up with is the usual “if there’s a problem, throw money at it” (Jan. 4 Review-Journal).

Boulder Highway is already designed to be very pedestrian-friendly. But it’s so easy, though terribly unsafe, to cross in multitudes of places — to jaywalk. Yet somehow the idea of additional and safer pedestrian crossings is supposed to deter jaywalkers.

Jaywalkers already know jaywalking is dangerous, yet they do it anyway. Over the years, I have learned there is no cure for “stupid.” The police are complicit, of course, as they consistently ignore jaywalkers until an accident.

If you want to enhance pedestrian safety on Boulder Highway, have the police blanket the area and cite, arrest and jail offenders. You will spend these dollars, but the jaywalkers will continue to laugh at the police.

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