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Time for Americans to come together

It has really gotten ugly out there. All this negative railing against the president of our United States continues to weaken us as a nation. How our enemies must love that Donald Trump will get no support from us for anything.

And I have been as guilty as anyone when I held my nose and voted for the lesser of evils while continuing to berate him personally. Well, all that stops now. I don’t have to agree or even like the man in order to show respect for the office. It is a difficult, thankless job that carries greater responsibility than we can possibly imagine. Just ask any former president.

Would you want all that burden on your shoulders? Well, neither would I. We should show support for the president and the job while still challenging those policies with which we strongly disagree. It is the American way and maybe it will make us all more deserving citizens and a stronger nation. Think about it.

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LETTER: What’s wrong with Making America Great Again?

As long as the Left is name-calling, I propose those on the right start referring to the Left as DEAD Democrats, standing for Destroying Every American’s Dream.

LETTER: Nevada lawmakers trying to suppress voters

I’ve read and watched many news sources that report there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud here. Why are these bills necessary?