Time to get rid of every last incumbent

To the editor:

I wonder if I’m the only person who took note of the editorial pages in the valley’s two competing newspapers on Tuesday.

The Review-Journal’s editorial stated: “White House won’t take blame for economy, downgrade.” The Las Vegas Sun’s editorial stated: “House Republicans try to avoid the blame for what they have done.” GOP House Speaker John Boehner blames the Democrats, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., blames the Republicans. Meanwhile, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., blames President Obama.

And the city’s two newspapers preach the party line of their choice.

So, what is a registered non-affiliated independent voter like myself to do? For me, the answer is simple. Never, ever again vote for an incumbent politician regardless of what political party he or she might identify with. I think the only way our elected government will become responsible is if we toss every one of those presently in office out. They’re an embarrassment to this country and everything this country is supposed to stand for.

They care about nothing as much as staying in office, and the American people should take that away from them.

Thomas Hayden


Sticks and stones

To the editor:

Apparently, your Aug. 7 letter to the editor from Diane Kremser referring to the Tea Party as terrorists struck a nerve with some people. In his Tuesday letter to the editor, Richard Vertrees shows the way the Tea Party responds when someone says something truthful about them: distortion and name calling. Mr. Vertrees wrote that if Tea Partiers are terrorists, then Democrats are pedophiles.

If anyone is “screwing the children,” it’s the party that is firing teachers, defunding education and destroying their country’s economy. There’s your pedophilia, buddy.

Matthew Hickey

Las Vegas

No plan

To the editor:

Africa — Somalia in particular — is starving again. Greece and Portugal, amongst other countries in Europe, are on the verge of total collapse.

American politicians are behaving like spoiled children while the standard of living for their people falls drastically. At the same time, they are still sending boatloads of cash to America hater Pakistan so they can build IEDs and ship them off to Afghanistan.

The world is overpopulated to plague proportions, and no world leaders have any idea how to solve any of these problems.

Modern technology means that fewer and fewer can do the work of more and more.

Scary? It should be.



Dumb Ben

To the editor:

I’m no expert in market analysis, having dabbled in finance from time to time, but Ben Bernanke must be the dumbest person we’ve ever had as head of the Federal Reserve.

He comes out Tuesday stating that interest rates will stay low for the next two years, which encourages the market to buy, and then follows that up with a warning that the economy will remain weak into 2013.

Why would investors put their money into something that isn’t going to give a return for two years?

Dale Brouker

Las Veg

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