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Time to push for stronger green energy standards in Nevada

According to the results of Question 6 in the November election, our state is ready to support clean energy by 2030. With the passage of Question 6, Nevadans are demanding at least 50 percent of our power come from renewable sources by 2030. The time for a clean energy future is now.

Solar power is now cheaper than ever before, and battery storage makes solar energy available 24/7. These factors are showing that renewable energy is already cost-competitive, if not less expensive than fossil fuel-based energy. Renewables have the benefits of decreasing pollution, increasing our community’s health and boosting our outdoor economy with cleaner air.

It is time Nevada answered the demands of the people who want a clean energy future. Legislators have the power to act now in the 2019 session. Passing a stronger renewable portfolio standard now will create thousands of jobs in Nevada, generate billions of dollars in revenue, improve our quality of life and attract innovation.

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