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Trump endorsement triggers passions

According to one news channel, only three small, insignificant newspapers have endorsed Donald Trump for president. Now Sheldon Adelson’s Review-Journal has irked the majority of his readers by endorsing Mr. Trump. I am ashamed to admit I subscribe to this paper.

Don Ellis

Las Vegas

• We respectfully and sincerely disagree with Sunday’s Review-Journal editorial endorsing Donald Trump as the “right choice for president.” We see nothing positive about voting for this narcissistic and selfish man.

Vito and Ann Trabucco


• The bottom line is Donald Trump knows how to create jobs and stimulate the economy — he knows this because he has been on the front lines of running a business and understands what it takes to motivate investment and job creation. Hillary Clinton knows nothing other than to increase taxes, spend taxpayer money and increase debt.

Bob Jack

North Las Vegas

• I must admit I had my doubts and concerns when the Review-Journal changed hands. But when I saw the headline in the Sunday newspaper endorsing Donald Trump, I cheered your bravery and boldness.

I certainly don’t think Mr. Trump is our knight in shining armor, but I can certainly cast my vote for Mr. Trump knowing that he will put the interests of the country first.

I applaud the Review-Journal for having the courage of your convictions.

Bob Valentine

Las Vegas

• The endorsement of Donald Trump is another example of how out of step the Review-Journal is with the majority of our state and the nation.

Stuart Ghertner


• In a mistake of colossal proportions, the Review-Journal confuses Oct. 23 with April 1 and endorses Donald J Trump for president.

Michael Henderson

Las Vegas

• I can’t believe you would endorse that man. Our own Republican governor refuses to. What’s wrong with your brains? Anyone can see what a despicable, impulsive person he is. You all need psychiatrists.

Bob Andronaco


• The Review-Journal’s endorsement of Donald Trump came as a surprise to me. I thought the paper would go along to get along with the large percentage of anti-Trump media. I agree with your call and plan to vote for Mr. Trump myself.

James Woods


• Have you lost your ever-loving minds? You are endorsing a sociopath with an identified and validated personality disorder. A malignant narcissist. A bigot, a xenophobe, a racist, a misogynist. So you hate Hillary Clinton. OK, that’s your prerogative. But I would rather see you pick “None of These Candidates” than someone who should be locked in an institution.

Candace Kochmann

Las Vegas

• I am saddened that you have endorsed Donald Trump for president. Although it is your right to do so, I believe that your endorsement implies support for Mr. Trump’s bullying and misogynist rhetoric.

I believe that he has no interest in making America great again — and really, when was America not great? All I’ve seen is a candidate who wants to make himself great.

In my opinion, one of the most important issues that faces our government, and our people, is how to reclaim civility when discussing opposing views. This has been a particularly nasty election. I, for one, will be so grateful when it is over.

Mary Reed

North Las Vegas

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