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U.S. Highway 93 is an embarrassing eyesore.

I just traveled on U.S. Highway 93, a road I’ve often taken to visit Pahranagat Lake and other destinations north in our beautiful state. What I saw recently left me very upset.

Trash has been strewn on a wide swath of both sides of the road and into the desert, from the Interstate 15 junction all the way to Lincoln County just passed Coyote Springs, where the Western Elite landfill operates under the ironic title of Las Vegas Environmentally Sanitary Landfill.

These are 42 miles of trash, all created by heavy traffic of trash-filled semi-trailers going into an 83-acre facility which has been permitted by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection. This place is expected to be in use for the next 59 years. There isn’t a square yard in this path that does not have some trash.

This is reminiscent of the previous trashing of I-15 all the way to Apex by the other refuse collecting company, Republic Services. It is their duty and responsibility to prevent this from happening. They are neglecting it.

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