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Unanswered questions regarding the Las Vegas Strip massacre

I would like to commend your special section on the Highway 91 Harvest Festival shooting. You certainly have “scooped” the more heavily financed national media on several stories. However, there are some holes in the available information that I would like to see plugged. These include:

— Thanks to a lawsuit by the Review-Journal, autopsy results in Nevada have been ruled public documents. What are the results of the autopsy on the shooter? If withheld for some investigative reason, when should we expect their release?

— Where and when was the shooter last registered to vote and to which political party?

— It has been claimed the shooter made over $5 million playing video poker last year. That seems impossible. It seems likely this number represents gross win (coins out before deducting coins in). Is it possible to clarify the meaning of this claimed $5 million “win”?

— Almost 500 people were injured. How many of these were crowd stampede injuries? This would give us an idea of how the physical layout and emergency egress from such venues can be improved?

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