Voter IDs would deny citizens their rights

To the editor:

After reading Kathleen Stone’s Thursday letter to the editor (“ID, please”), I feel compelled to respond.

First, Ms. Stone states that voting is a “privilege and not a right.” She couldn’t be more wrong. The 15th Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the right to vote regardless of race or color. The 19th Amendment guarantees the right to vote regardless of sex. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 removed undue obstacles that made voting difficult or impossible for many, such as poll taxes and literacy tests.

Second, Ms. Stone says a voter ID requirement is similar to a federal requirement to show photo identification to board a plane. Travelling by air is a choice and not a right. There is a difference.

The argument put forth is that requiring voter ID cards would do away with voter fraud, yet no proponent of this law has provided evidence, other than anecdotal, supporting the contention of rampant voter fraud.

What know that requiring a voter ID card will create an undue burden on many seniors, college students and minorities. Here in Nevada, we recently saw where some elderly voters were turned away from the GOP caucuses because they had an expired driver’s license. For many, particularly those living in rural areas, it is not that easy to obtain a current state-issued ID.

Until the proponents of the proposed voter ID law can provide proof to support the allegation of widespread voter fraud, I do not see the need to create obstacles that would deny citizens the right to vote.



Good laws now wrong?

To the editor:

All my life, I have proudly showed my ID to vote. I am approaching 70.

Why now is Attorney General Eric Holder saying states can’t enact new voter ID laws when others are enforced?

Unless President Obama is afraid he won’t be re-elected. Unless he feels it would be better to have some people, whether from this country or foreign countries, sway an election by voting more than once.

Why are America’s standing laws, that have been tried and true, now wrong? Why is either of these men still in office? The danger this country faces comes from within.



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