Wayne Ally Root goes over the top on vast, left-wing conspiracy theory against Donald Trump

Wayne Root’s Sunday column was about as far over the top as I’ve ever read, which for him is something (“A vast-left wing conspiracy”). He claims that all the leaks coming out of the White House — or the “dump,” as the president refers to it — show there’s a conspiracy of Democrats plotting to overthrow Donald Trump’s presidency. Mr. Root feels that if “leakers” are caught, they should be charged with treason and, if convicted, sent to prison for life or sentenced to death.

He goes on to claim the Barack Obama administration never had any leaks during the eight years he was in office. To this, I would suggest to Mr. Root that it just might be that the people in the White House thought Mr. Obama was doing a pretty good job and not making a fool of himself on a daily basis.

Mr. Root goes on to claim that Robert Mueller and others are all in on it, and that this conspiracy is being led by a “shadow president” named Barack Obama — who “spent America into bankruptcy, and created more debt than all the presidents in history combined” — directing everything from his mansion only blocks from the White House.

I could go on with this nonsense, but it’s so absurd that it’s ludicrous. But that’s the norm for Mr. Root.

The Review-Journal is pretty much a fair-and-balanced daily newspaper. I read columns from both the right and left perspectives. I and your other readers may not always agree with those points of view, but at least they’re fair, reasonable and true. That’s the job of the press — fair and honest reporting — and the Review-Journal does just that. But I feel it’s a disservice to your readers and your reputation to allow conjecture, false facts and outright lies that Mr. Root comes up with from the alternative universe in which he and his followers live.

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