Wayne Allyn Root is wrong: Barack Obama was a great leader

By claiming in his Thursday column that Donald Trump is completely erasing President Barack Obama’s legacy, Wayne Allyn Root is showing his true colors. It proves that Mr. Trump and the GOP have only one policy: If President Obama did it, we have to get rid of it, no matter what. The only reason: President Obama is black.

Mitch McConnell made it clear from day one, before Mr. Obama had even been inaugurated, that the GOP would do everything in its power to make sure he was a one-term president. How did that work out?

White, privileged men in America have lost their collective minds trying to undo President Obama’s policies. Well, when Mr. Trump and his cohorts end up in jail — don’t forget we already have 22 indictments and five guilty pleas — we will see whose legacy is more important.

It’s time for Mr. Root and his ilk to slink back behind their walled and gated neighborhoods and hide with their guns. Fearmongering will not win the day. It might sell some papers, but the real American values of helping each other and being decent human beings to one another will prevail in the end — the kind of values and decency we had when President Obama was the leader of our great country.

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