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Wayne Allyn Root shouldn’t be so quick to criticize Metro officer over Oct. 1

In reference to Wayne Allyn Root’s July 5 commentary on Metro and the Oct. 1 Strip shooting:

Mr. Root shows his complete lack of knowledge when it comes to handling an active shooter situation. Clearly, the video of Metro officer Cordell Hendrex shows that he is responsible not only for a first-day recruit’s safety, but also the safety of three security guards. While Mr. Root sits safely behind his keyboard in a comfy office, he expects five people under the direction of officer Hendrex to charge into a potential suicide mission to be slaughtered like the British firing lines in the Revolutionary War. This is moronic.

No one knew how many shooters there were or where they were shooting. I’m sure the families of the trainee and the three security guards are appreciative that officer Hendrex did not lead them to their deaths.

I would like to see Mr. Root’s reaction when he is pinned down with automatic gun fire. I guarantee you a change of underwear would be warranted. But, instead, Mr. Root plays the tough guy know-it-all from behind his keyboard. It’s very easy to criticize when you’re not placed in someone’s shoes.

Our hearts grieve for those 58 people who lost their lives due to an act of one evil human being. But the loss of five more lives would apparently have made Mr. Root feel so much better.

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