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We don’t have a gun problem. We have a moron problem.

The reason we cannot solve or prevent mass shootings in schools and other “gun-free” locations is because we keep calling it a gun problem. It is not a gun problem, any more than a moron driving a car into a crowd with the intent to injure is a “car” problem. It is a moron problem, and the sooner we start concentrating on keeping guns (and cars) out of the hands of morons, the safer our schools and other “gun-free” locations will be.

Quit blaming the NRA for this violence. If it weren’t for the NRA, we wouldn’t have a universal background check for firearms purchases. The NRA spends millions of dollars every year on firearms training and education for our youth. The NRA protects our Second Amendment rights when many others would have those rights repealed, stating silliness like, “No one needs an AR-15 to hunt deer.” Of course not. We need that weaponry to protect us from an out-of-control, centralized government that is intent on managing every minute aspect of our lives, and is controlled by a group of Kool-Aid drinking, pearl-clutching progressives who would have us live our lives according to their dictates, yielding our free will back to the state.

You bet your buttons I’m going to hold on to my AR-15.

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