We’ve got to get money out of American politics

Why can’t we reduce the number and lethality of guns in our society? Why can’t we eliminate or reduce the use of highly polluting forms of energy and turn to renewable sources? Why can’t we eliminate nuclear weapons before we destroy the world?

Why can’t we eliminate or reduce the use of illegal drugs in our society? Why are legal drugs so expensive in our country? Why can’t we have health care for everyone? Why can’t we get rid of old white guys in elective office and make the system more representative of the population as a whole?

The list of whys goes on and on. But the answer to all those whys is the same. Our system of funding elections is the reason. Allowing people to give money to candidates sets up the framework for enticing and/or intimidating politicians to do the bidding of those who can afford the best lobbyist.

We should revise our election laws to set aside a reasonable amount of public money to fund elections, and we should limit the campaign season to just one month. These simple changes would result in a more responsive and reasonable political class. To accomplish this, all Americans need to get on board because most of those currently in office will oppose this plan. Make your voices heard.

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