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What are the costs of America opening her borders?

I often wonder if those people in favor of opening our borders to every one have ever read a paper or watched the news. Are they aware of the thousands of homeless veterans, legal citizens, children, seniors and others collecting welfare, Social Security and food assistance? Are they aware of the teachers and school districts clamoring about more funding, overcrowded classrooms and kids who can’t speak the language. Who do they think is going to pay for all of those new arrivals?

I’m going to guess that it won’t be Bernie Sanders or the Clinton Foundation.

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LETTER: Beware of fascism

Wayne Allyn Root writes about a plan to “make America American again” and lists 10 proposed executive orders to “stop illegal immigration.” Coincidence?

LETTER: ‘What’s a dean?’

I know well about deans in higher education, but I’ve never heard of a dean in K-12. So I assumed “dean” was a new title for “assistant principal.”

LETTER: The mystery of environmental NIMBYism

The very people who claim we are destroying the planet and must get off fossil fuels are the ones who fight the attempts to do just that.