What goes around comes around — see Virginia

Considering the inflexible and merciless position taken by the Democrats during the Bret Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, I am interested in seeing how the situation in Virginia involving the governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general will be resolved.

Will we see a comparably low standard of proof (mere unsubstantiated allegations) be enough to prove the sexual allegations so far made by two women against the lieutenant governor?

I think not. Now that it involves a member of their own party, who also happens to be African-American, it is likely that the Democrats’ hypocritical double standard will show its face.

I am waiting to hear the exhortations of faithful progressives to shut up and blindly “believe” the accusers and victims.

What we now have is a classic example of the Democrats getting a well-deserved taste of their own medicine. It’s karma in action.

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