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What happened to America as one nation?

It used to be that Americans were for Americans. We used to root for each other. After watching events and news the past few years, it is apparent to me that we have lost that ethos.

We have entered an era in which hate has supplanted genuine disagreement. We see this in our politics, business dealings, entertainment, media, how we treat each other and in other areas of society.

We have become a people who use inflammatory rhetoric to force an emotional response. Calling each other names is an example. When this happens, we rarely think before we act or respond.

Second, we don’t give credit where credit is due. You mean to tell me that Fox cannot say at least one good thing that President Barack Obama did for the country? You mean to tell me that CNN cannot say at least one good thing that President Donald Trump has done for the country? If the country succeeds, we (Americans) succeed. Isn’t that what we all want?

Finally, we seem to have forgotten the sacrifices of the “The Greatest Generation” (those who won World War II) and no longer want our country to continue to be great morally, constitutionally, militarily, etc. Political correctness has run amok — sometimes facts are facts.

In conclusion, we need to bring back standards. Not everything is right. Right is right, and wrong is wrong, regardless of color, ethnic group or political affiliation.

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