What to do about this high school powerhouse?

To the editor:

Sadly, a Nevada high school has recently set competitive balance on its ear, turning entire seasons into coronations rather than competitions.

The school in question has won four of the past seven state titles in boys basketball and eight of the past 11 state crowns in girls basketball. Their dominance, however, is most heinous on the gridiron. They’ve not only taken home the hardware six of the past seven seasons, they’ve crushed all opposition in a fashion that borders on child abuse.

They’re 47-0 over the past four seasons, including wins over the No. 1 teams in Idaho and California (twice).

They’ve beaten 47 consecutive opponents by an average score of 61.4-12.2, a margin of victory in excess of 49 points per game.

They’re 12-0 in the postseason, by an average score of 65.5-18.0, a margin of victory in excess of 47 points per game against the best teams in the state

Over the past two seasons, their closest victory over a Nevada team was by 34 points.

They’ve lost once to a Nevada opponent in the past seven seasons. During four of those seasons no Nevada team has been closer than 32 points.

Where is fairness? Where is the level playing field? I urge the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association to remove this scourge from the fields and courts of Nevada athletic competition at once.

Pahranagat Valley must be stopped. Wait, what’s that? They’re a public school? Oh, never mind.

Greg Perry

Las Vegas

Just say no

To the editor:

Democrats like to call Republicans the “party of no.” It seems to me, however, that President Obama is the real “master of no” and “don’t know.”

The president says no to drilling along the East Coast, drilling in the Gulf, drilling off the West Coast, drilling in Alaska’s ANWR, building the Keystone XL pipeline, maintaining a strong military and guaranteeing the sovereignty of Israel, to name just a few issues.

Further, this “president of no” shows, by his actions and policies, that he clearly “doesn’t know” how to make us energy independent, protect our borders, create jobs, cut the deficit, balance a budget, listen to America on health care and so much more.

In short, President Obama clearly doesn’t know how to lead. It is time to elect a different leader who can say “yes” and who “does know” how to solve our mounting problems and economic woes.

Laurence F. Messner


Wynn plan

To the editor:

In response to Steve Sebelius’ Wednesday column on Steve Wynn’s plans to build a casino in Foxborough, Mass.:

I’m sorry, but I must have missed something. Is Mr. Sebelius saying Steve Wynn has been bad for Las Vegas? Is this the same Steve Wynn who has created billions of dollars in tax revenue for Clark County and the state?

If it were possible, I’d like to see Mr. Wynn open up a billion-dollar operation in Detroit, the Democrats’ “shining city on the hill.” Unfortunately, after 60 years of Democratic control, there’s nothing left.

I don’t think Foxborough needs Mr. Sebelius’ advice.

Walt Whittier


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