Where do jacked-up tuition dollars go?

To the editor:

Left out of your Friday story about the cost of tuition at UNLV was the most important question of all: Why has the cost of a college education increased at a rate far exceeding almost anything else?

I’ve read that general inflation is up 160 percent over 30 years. Medicare costs are up 400 percent over the same period, but college tuition is up about 700 percent. The article mentioned that a summer school course at UNLV costs $700. Thirty years ago that would have been $100. How could that be?

Students should be picketing the dean’s office demanding to know where all the money is going, not demanding forgiveness of the debt they incur to get a sometimes worthless degree.

As long the government loans money for something that costs more than it’s worth, then don’t expect the higher education system to get its act together and offer a cost-effective product. Our education system is broken, and until there is accountability, it will continue on a downward spiral.

Terry Ostlund

Las Vegas

Church’s orders?

To the editor:

Catholic bishops say President Obama’s requirement that employers provide insurance coverage for birth control is an unprecedented assault on religious freedom because it compels their Catholic-run businesses to give employees access to services the church considers to be immoral.

The all-male Catholic hierarchy – who for decades covered up the immoral activities of sexual abuse of children by priests – are now trying to put women in chastity belts.

The majority of Americans believe in our U.S. Constitution’s strict separation of church and state, and no religious prelate can tell the president what to do about medical care for women.



Drug warrior

To the editor:

As I see it, with today’s mass-killer cartels, a drug habit is not only a bad habit, it’s a crime against humanity. We need a program to ween America off drugs. It could be done with early education and motivational ads.

Why are the presidential candidates so silent on this issue? Are they fearful they might lose votes? Potheads for Romney? Dope freaks for Obama?

The Great American Experience is degenerating into one, big pot party. Wouldn’t al-Qaida love that.



Drink up

To the editor:

In response to your Friday front-page story on New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed ban on soft drink servings larger than 16 ounces:

I am inviting everyone who wants a Big Gulp, a big delicious cheeseburger and a huge slice of cheesecake to come on down to Las Vegas. Your daddy (Mr. Bloomberg) doesn’t work here. We know that you are adults, and we welcome you to our wonderful city.

Ann J. Turnbull


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