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Who won and lost Election Day

To the editor:

To those who voted to re-elect President Barack Obama, congratulations, you won. I’d like to take a few moments to thank you individually.

First to the college students, please call the government to pay your tuition and Eva Longoria to buy your pizza, because your parents won’t have their jobs anymore. Congratulations, you built that.

To the young adults just getting started, enjoy living in your childhood bedrooms because due to economic uncertainty you won’t be able to get a home loan. Congratulations, you built that.

To the Catholic voters who betrayed their faith, enjoy having the government telling you what religious teachings you may follow. Congratulations, you built that.

To the media, who in this election became just an arm of the administration, enjoy checking with the government before you investigate anything. Congratulations, you built that.

And finally a big congratulations to those Republicans who did not vote, who chose ideology above country: enjoy four more years under President Obama. Congratulations, you did build that.



To the editor:

Now that we have had an election where the Republicans badly defeated the Democrats in the “People’s House,” about 230 to 195, we have an opportunity to get spending under control and revive our economic engine. (Remember, the Constitution ensures that all spending is initiated by the House of Representatives).

They also increased the number of Republican governors to 60 percent (thus giving states veto power over many of the provisions of Obamacare and the president’s predilection to govern by fiat). The Senate stays the same because a couple of “wing nuts” with sure Republican seats lost because of their wacko statements on rape.

Exit polls showed the electorate is decidedly against big government, Obamacare and higher taxes on anybody. With a few more votes in Florida, Ohio, Virginia and New Hampshire we would have had a President Romney. Remember that Romney is an extremely liberal Republican from the Northeast and many conservatives and libertarians sat out this election. So, President Obama must govern without a popular mandate in such a close presidential election.

We clearly have a confirmation of the electorate’s support of the 2010 conservative revolt in congressional and gubernatorial elections. Our country has proven once again to be a Center Right nation.



To the editor:

The big winners in the presidential election were the Washington media. If Romney had won they would have been challenged to dig for facts, develop stories, and criticize the president. Now, with President Obama back in the White House, the D.C. press can continue to take it easy.

When our ambassador and three others are killed in an attack in Libya they just report what the president says; it was all because of some anti-Muhammad movie on YouTube. No need to do any hard reporting to find out the facts about a terrorist attack on 9/11.

The president says he’s going to reduce the deficit by raising $100 billion from taxing the wealthy. No need to critically look at the fact that this is less than 10 percent of the deficit. Numerous executive orders are issued covering topics that should be approved by legislation. No need for the press to question the constitutionality of these actions, because the president tells us they are necessary.

When the opposition disagrees with the president on any issue, there’s no need to delve into the topic and honestly report the other side’s views. The press can now continue to assume the basis of the criticism is racism and discount all dissenting opinion.

Yes, the press should be happy. They now have four more years of kicking back at their desks waiting for the email from the White House telling them what to think about the president’s latest action. That’s what seems to count as journalism as long as the president has a “D” after his name. Let’s hope I’m wrong and that the press provides some honest, unbiased reporting.



To the editor:

The articles on why Romney lost are accurate as far as they go. Democrats had the system to identify targeted voters and get workers to them. The cost of winning the nomination impacted Romney.

None mentioned that the Democrat campaign emphasized entertainment: Obama’s clever barbs, his appearances on popular TV shows and with professional entertainers. The Republicans’ campaign emphasized problems that need to be addressed at the federal level: national debt, under-employment and unemployment.

And who wouldn’t rather be entertained than be warned of $6 per gallon gas, increased cost of food (delivered by gasoline-powered trucks), layoffs by companies because of increased costs for employee medical insurance (see the Affordable Care Act), and the added tax on those who don’t have medical insurance?

If you have even a small plot of land, learn to garden.



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