Why are Trump supporters complaining?

Will the Donald Trump supporters ever be happy? I don’t think so, if the Review-Journal letters column is any indication. Since the election, there have been a couple of complainers almost every day.

Recently, one letter writer complained about the election being “rigged” here in Nevada. After all, Mr. Trump won all these other states, so he should have won Nevada — so the reasoning goes. The writer never brought up the fact that Hillary Clinton is winning the popular vote by more than 2 million votes. At that rate, she had better win some states.

Another writer was complaining about the student protesters. These students had a nationwide election, sponsored by Scholastic, a few weeks before the general election. The result was a landslide win for Mrs. Clinton. She received 52 percent to Mr. Trump’s 35 percent. This could be one of the reasons for their protest.

I would like to add that — in my circle of friends and family — most of the students are more up to date on current events than the adults. By that standard, they have every right to protest.

I left the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) 30 years ago, so I am well versed in all things Trump. He was forever in the press regarding his marital affairs and business deals. Most of it derogatory. He railed against the Republicans when they were in office and likewise with the Democrats. He campaigned on nothing but hate and that attracted many of his supporters. And even now, as he calls on the country to come together, he has to read those very words off a teleprompter. It is sad that he cannot speak from his heart, except to spew hate.

I just wonder if his supporters, who don’t seem that happy with his winning, will be any happier in four years.

Yes, my candidate lost. But she has been the most maligned candidate that I have witnessed in my lifetime. In my eyes, she will always be a winner.

Anne Stephen

Las Vegas

Wasted manpower

I would like to thank you for the op-ed piece on the huge waste of DUI checkpoints (“Patrols more effective than DUI checkpoints,” Nov. 28). They say they’re successful if they catch one or two impaired drivers. However, if they spread out that wasted manpower to cover the major intersections (where most of the accidents happen) they could haul in a lot of the red-light runners and catch many more drunken drivers.

Ray Byrom

Las Vegas

Need protection

In response to the Nov. 18 Review-Journal article “Sen. Dean Heller urges Obama against last-minute monument designation for Gold Butte”:

Sen. Heller recently wrote to President Obama, urging him not to designate Gold Butte as a national monument. Sen. Heller argues that any protection must be done “the Nevada way” through the congressional process. Gold Butte is an area rich in cultural, historic and natural wonders. We cannot afford to keep waiting for such action.

Sen. Harry Reid and other members of Congress have worked to protect Gold Butte since 2002, introducing multiple bills that have all been compromises based on local community input. Sen. Heller hasn’t engaged in any of these attempts to protect Gold Butte the Nevada way. Rather, he continues to stand in contrast to the 71 percent of Nevadans who support protecting Gold Butte as a national monument.

In the face of congressional inaction, I hope that President Obama will listen to the majority of Nevadans who want to see Gold Butte protected.

Grace Larsen

Las Vegas

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