Why can bicyclists use their cellphones?

To the editor:

Bicyclists are supposed to follow all the traffic laws that motorists do. So why are they allowed to use a cellphone while operating a bicycle?

I see these riders all the time not paying attention. I’ve had some close calls, almost hitting them while they talk on their cellphones. Riders also need to pay attention while operating a bicycle.

Henry Hertel

Las Vegas

Common sense

To the editor:

The recent movement by protesters who are mad as hell is somewhat confusing. They rip Wall Street greed and corporate greed, they want to tax the rich, then they want someone to … create jobs.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that the hate for the people who are able to create jobs conflicts with the demand for them to create jobs. Creating jobs is not the purpose of the GOP or the Democrats — they can only open a path for business to develop and exist. If businesses develop, then jobs are created. If you look beyond that, it seems that these protesters don’t really know what they are mad as hell about.

It appears that someone told them to be mad at Wall Street, corporations, Republicans and the rich, but they can’t provide specifics about their anger. Someone just wants to blame someone, and that is confusing.

Come on, folks, you have better common sense than that.

Jim Andreas

Las Vegas

Defending dogma

To the editor:

In 2005, Steve Jobs told the graduating students at Stanford University that the secret which defined his every action, every decision, every creation of his life was the belief that one should “not be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.”

This is not visionary, but shortsighted and narcissistic, for it fails to honor the debt we all owe to those who went before us — those who laid the groundwork for progress and who challenged us with their magnificent ideas and achievements.

Indeed, the rejection of dogma has led to moral relativism and the demise of Western civilization. Ultimately, the great achievements of technology are liberating and contribute to the progress of mankind only if they are joined to the attitudes of purity, honesty and faith in God.

E. Shanks

Las Vegas

Obama mess

To the editor:

You may have heard Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC chastising GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain for not marching on Selma (like a good black man should, I guess). Mr. Cain gave clear, concise answers to a foolish premise.

What he should have said, however, was that God gave us certain talents. Some have a talent for community organizing, and some have a talent for math in order to clean up the economic mess the community organizer makes.

Loren Wilcox


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