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Why can’t they stop these robocalls?

One recent day I received four robocalls from “the IRS” saying the agency had been trying to contact me and this was the “final time.” I called 311 to report it so they could trace where the calls came from. They passed me on to the FBI, which then wanted me to call another number.

I hung up because they don’t seem to care to find these scam artists. Why is it so hard to trace these calls and at least disable the number?

I think the phone companies are responsible because this way they can still handle some calls. It’s no wonder so many people are giving up their land lines.

Richard Andes

Las Vegas

Welfare queen

Doug Farmer says he is concerned about the welfare of children here in the Clark County School District (July 22 letter to the editor). He seems to think they are being malnourished and mistreated, with parents instead spending their money on cigarettes, designer clothes and iPhones.

Of course, the only thing he has to go by is the fact that the Clark County School District is spending taxpayer money for its summer school lunch and breakfast programs. Mr. Farmer wants to investigate all parents whose children received these free meals from the district.

According to statistics available on the Internet, the school district provided such food to 310,000 students. Where would Mr. Farmer like the authorities to start? Who is going to provide the investigator/social worker staff needed for such an enterprise? Who is going to pass the laws needed that will eliminate the constitutional rights of all those parents?

Mr. Farmer says he is worried about the malnutrition of students. Isn’t that what the school lunch program is all about? Is that really what he is worried about? Or is he really just worried that some of those parents smoke or own an iPhone?

I think this is just the old “welfare queen” fallacy dressed up in “concern-for-children” clothes.

Richard L. Strickland

North Las Vegas

Fight game

Isn’t it about time the Nevada Athletic Commission shut down the UFC for a year or more to conduct a complete investigation of its entire operation, particularly as it pertains to its drug program or lack thereof? Every time you turn around there are allegations of pre- or post-fight drug usage.

Also, go into any sports bar or sports book and it’s easy to get into a discussion about the legitimacy of the UFC bouts, with some comparing it to the fixed wrestling era.

Something stinks. Do something about it.

William Dotterer


Gun ban convert

As an old soldier and an avid hunter, I am familiar with guns, and I have always been a staunch defender of the Second Amendment. I still strongly favor in-depth background checks for would-be gun owners.

But it now appears that the weapon of choice of terrorists and other mass murderers is the fast-shooting AK-47 type gun. They are light, produce little recoil and the ammunition can be as small as 0.223 caliber. Murderers can carry a lot of it. So I changed my mind and am now in favor of banning these assault rifles. They are not good for home defense (you could kill neighbors or pedestrians). Neither are they good for hunting and are illegal for hunting game in many states. The guns are people killers.

If Congress would again ban assault rifles and magazines with an offer to buy back all existing weapons, it would reduce their availability. Sure, bad guys would keep theirs, but they would be illegal and slowly disappear. If members of Congress and the NRA could change their minds, like me, we might have a chance of passing such legislation and at least slow the onslaught we see everywhere.

Richard N. Fulton


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