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Why would Nevada blow up solar industry?

The recent ads on television against solar energy are so sophomoric. They’re a slap in the face regarding a subject that deserves serious discussion.

My wife and I almost went solar last December until the state blew up the solar industry. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I still haven’t had anybody satisfactorily explain to me how my having a solar system that generates all my electricity would cost non-solar customers more money.

When are NV Energy officials going to realize that they don’t own the sun and they can’t tax it? When are they going to realize that in the future they will no longer be primarily an energy provider, but an energy distributor and grid maintainer?

The mere fact that they’ve been able to manipulate the rules so that the solar industry in this state has completely collapsed is absolutely insane. Especially in a state with as much yearly sunshine as Nevada.

John Bauman

Las Vegas

To the point

I find Paul Harasim’s column to be rewarding and enjoyable.

Norman Novello


Plenty of ammo

In response to the Sunday letter from John Meese, “Critics should give Obama a break”:

I might be one of the Americans with — as the author eloquently puts it — “an intelligence level equivalent to a frozen pizza,” but I’d like to humbly disagree.

Mr. Obama has blithely carried on the assault on Fourth Amendment rights began by George W. Bush, with such Orwellian milestones including the National DefenseAuthorization Act of 2012, which provided for the indefinite detention of American citizens without trial.

For all of Mr. Obama’s promises, the only “transparency” the administration has offered has come in the form of full-body scans at the airport — which, by the way, have helped the TSA catch awhopping zero terrorists.

It was under the Obama administration that warrantless and unchecked espionage was performedby the NSA. When Edward Snowden revealed these infringements to the public, he was branded not a hero but a traitor, and the administrationcontinues to refuse any pardon or clemency.

While liberals are swift to frame themselves as the champions of diplomacy, tolerance, and compassion, Mr. Obama has outpaced Mr. Bush in the use of drone strikes — strikes which have repeatedly slaughtered civilians.

Mr. Obama’s crackdown on migrants from Central America has seen at least 83 deported back to their deaths (see: www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/oct/12/obama-immigration-deportations-central-america). And it’s Mr. Obama who holds the standing record for the highest number ofdeportations of any president in history.

All this is to say nothing of the president’s patronizing “no excuses” lecture to young black men at a time when we’re witness to one unjustified killing of young black youth after another.

And how can one forget such Obama allies as former Oakland MayorJean Quan or Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who (respectively) responded to Occupy activists and striking teachers with violence and backstabbing that would make Machiavelli blush?

And yet folks expect sympathy for Mr. Obama based on the flimsy argument that “things could be worse”? So we should be content with the continued misery of the poor and working class, simply because they could conceivably be even more miserable?

But hey, at least corporate profits are up.

Mr. Meese admonishes us not to “rely solely on highly ideological media sources and websites for your information.” And that’s very true.

Fortunately for the critics, the facts speak for themselves.

Gordon Brown

Las Vegas

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