Will the NFL survive?

In response to the Sunday commentary, “Death of NFL inevitable as middle class flees game”: Looking at any problem in the 21st century without taking into consideration the ongoing, rapid advances in technology is … well, problematic.

When the breakthrough in nano-tech arrives — and it will arrive within a decade — nano-tech football helmets will eliminate the risk of cranial damage from even the most violent on-field collisions.

Also, ACL tears, separated shoulders and even broken bones will all be fully repaired in the locker room during halftime.

When nano-tech is “captured,” the blind will see, the lame will walk and the deaf will hear.

But, ironically, this advanced tech will most likely kill football. Do hypnotized children with their heads down looking at a machine want to venture outdoors to play a sport when their “virtual” video game is more exciting and requires no sweat?

Change to much more than football, change that even our best futurists cannot predict, is coming at us far sooner than later.

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