Wrapping your arms around the Trump-Russian collusion scandal

Do I have this straight? Shortly after the November 2016 election, we were told that our president-elect may have colluded with the Russians to rig the election in his favor. This was said to be a threat to our democracy and a crime against civilization.

An investigation has been launched as a result of a piece of fiction — called a dossier — that was requisitioned and paid for by the president-elect’s opponent. This document, called salacious and unverified by the head of the FBI, was used to obtain a warrant from a secret court that allowed that same FBI to spy on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and eventually on his presidency in an obvious effort to undermine same.

To this very day nothing — zero — has been discovered on the “collusion” front, but the investigation is ongoing. Furthermore, we are told that our own FBI’s meddling with the election and the presidency is nothing to fear. As I noted earlier, we were informed of the “collusion” after the election and, had Hillary Clinton been elected president, it would never have been mentioned, and the treasonous actions of the FBI would never have been discovered.

Actually, I think I do have it right.

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