Writer didn’t even bother to defend Barack Obama’s DACA decree

I eagerly read Gary Peck’s Sunday commentary looking for a cogent legal argument for Barack Obama’s DACA decree (“Trump, DACA and defending the indefensible”). I found nothing. Zip. Nada. Instead, Mr. Peck spent 32 column inches vilifying President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions for being anti-immigrant, anti-Mexican, anti-antifa and anti-Muslim.

Mr. Peck then praised the liberal judges who stopped Mr. Trump’s Muslim ban by finding context matters. Mr. Peck’s implied context: Mr. Trump is anti-Mexican and anti-immigrant. Therefore, Mr. Trump cannot revoke Mr. Obama’s unconstitutional and illegal DACA decree.

But Mr. Peck could not defend the indefensible: the legal merits of Mr. Obama’s DACA decree. It is telling that Mr. Peck refused to cite the U.S. Supreme Court’s subsequent substantial reversal of those liberal judges on the travel ban. Didn’t want to ruin a “good” argument, eh?

In addition, Mr. Peck amazingly defended antifa — though indirectly. He writes, “Trump’s comment that ‘both sides’ were responsible for the violence … in Charlottesville … [was] outlandish.” Yet Politico reports that the Obama Department of Homeland Security found antifa is engaged in domestic terrorist violence. Antifa is violently anti-free speech.

Mr. Peck’s hatred for Donald Trump has destroyed his civil rights credentials. Sad.

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