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You’ll get her straw from her cold dead fingers

Tell me it ain’t so. Some environmentalists want to take away our straws? I’m 61 years old and have been using straws since my sippy cup days. I grew up using straws in my juice, sodas and slushies.

In school, we used a straw to drink our carton of milk with our cookies at break time. As we got older, we used them for peashooters and spitballs. Some stuck the straws under their upper lips to look like walruses. Straws are fun. Straws are used for hospital patients who have problems swallowing. Straws are sanitary — unlike some of the glasses in which they serve our drinks.

So they want to put the straw manufacturers out of business and their workers out of jobs? Good one. With all the large unrecyclable items out there, they pick on the little straw?

I’m going shopping and buying all the straws I can find. I’ll have a lifetime supply. Then I’m going to hide them where the straw police will never find them.

I can’t wait to hear what’s next from all the intelligent people who come up with these things. It’s amazing. These people need to get a life. We want our straws. Let’s march on Washington.

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