Miss America pageant a disappointment

To the editor:

I’m sure I cannot be the only one who cringed watching the “Miss America” contest this weekend in Las Vegas. Gone was seeing some of the older Miss America winners. Gone was hearing any interesting stories of the finalists, along with learning anything about their age, ambitions, schools they attended, their families.

Add to that the Victoria’s Secret underwear show — excuse me, bikini walks — segment. And to think they were advised to “parade” that way. It was obvious that some of the girls were uncomfortable. Miss Utah, Jill Stevens, was the only one who showed any modesty — and, of course, she quickly was eliminated. To me, she was the true example of Miss America, serving our country in Iraq as a medic.

Then, instead of calling out the names of the girls who made it to the next level, they embarrassed the girls who were eliminated. Even the master of ceremonies hated this part.

The worst was the talent segment. Eight girls dressed and prepared to display their talents sat on a bench only to be told that two of them would be eliminated before they could go on.

Ah, but wait, it gets worse.

With only two girls left, he again calls out the name of one of the girls. Sorry, you won’t be able to perform.

I would like to know: Who were the brilliant people who thought all of this supposed “updating” of an American tradition was better than all those yesterdays?

I guess all those dreams in Atlantic City will just have to remain happy memories. And all this is supposed to be an encouragement for young girls?

Cynthia Coletti


Pay up

To the editor:

James Harris’ Saturday letter was somewhat misleading.

While it is true the Democratic Party presidential wannabes pander to Hispanics, blacks, Asians, women and younger greed, they realize that white males are a very important bloc: Someone has to pay for the handouts.



Her own fault

To the editor:

Bonnie S. Ballard’s Saturday letter “Blame Harry,” in which she blamed Sen. Harry Reid for cutting back the Yucca Mountain Project, resulting in her layoff, made me wonder about her rationale.

All construction jobs end at some time, and most workers are paid well while the job lasts. The probability, as she states, that she will have to sell her house and move to a lower-cost, Midwestern state just means that she didn’t plan ahead.

There were more than enough indications over the past few years that the project was in trouble, and she should have made some provision for being laid off at some time.

Let’s stop blaming politics and politicians for every event that affects our lives, shall we? Take some responsibility for your own life and future.



Blue-nose morons

To the editor:

I read in Sunday’s Review-Journal that the FCC is fining 52 ABC affiliates because they aired a segment of “NYPD Blue” that showed an adult female’s bare buttocks. The FCC cited that it is unlawful to depict “excretory organs” on network TV. If when they look at a young lady’s bare bottom and think “excretory organs,” I believe that they are in serious need of professional mental help.

I think that the 52 affiliates should refuse to pay any fine and tell the FCC to take them to court. They could then publicly expose them for the blue-nose morons that they are. Who do they think that they are protecting? The children? I believe that children don’t give much thought to nudity until adults teach them that it is bad and nasty.

How long must we suffer these political hacks who try to control every aspect of the entertainment industry?

Ron Martin


Good business?

To the editor:

Isn’t it ironic that on Sunday you had an article on Page 1B stating that attorney Glen “Heavy Hitter” Lerner is at risk of contempt of court and possible disbarment, and that on Page 4B he was listed as a sponsor of the Better Business Bureau announcement?

I suppose supporting the Better Business Bureau doesn’t necessarily mean you are a better business.




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