Not a great day for Las Vegas’ finest

To the editor:

I take issue with Mr. Don Merz’s (May 25) letter to the editor regarding Sheriff Doug Gillespie’s handling of a fatal traffic accident. It was Sheriff Gillespie, himself, who released information about the tragic accident. He said that the officer was rolling code … with lights and siren. Also, he said that the driver of the pickup truck was intoxicated and failed to yield to the responding officer. The driver of the pickup was being charged with felony DUI causing a death.

Mr. Merz states that some "officers … jumped to conclusions regarding fault." He says the sheriff could have slowed the investigating process, hid the facts, blown smoke and waited for it to clear. But these are not viable options of police investigation, and it certainly doesn’t help the driver of the pickup truck spending the night in jail with a 0.02 blood alcohol Level for failing a field sobriety test. The true blood alcohol level was probably known within the first couple of hours.

Should the residents of Las Vegas now wonder if unscientific investigation is standard practice? If you are involved with Metro officers, how do you know that they are not jumping to conclusions and using citizens as scapegoats to protect a fellow officer or maybe a family member or friend? How many other cases should the sheriff recheck and go over the facts where officers may have "jumped to conclusions"?

I feel sorry for both families, for the pain they have gone through and will be going through. I think some of the pain could have been avoided with timely and accurate release of information. When Mr. Merz talks of big shoes to fill, it is very difficult to fill them when one puts a foot in his mouth. Sheriff Gillespie’s first action is not just to protect his officers, but also the residents of Las Vegas. The us-vs.-them attitude is not the way of a modern progressive police department. Indeed it was a dark day for Las Vegas.

Robert S. Porter



Vacation spot

To the editor:

Perhaps it would be appropriate for Sen. Harry Reid to express his continued fealty toward President Obama by offering to accept a few of the Guantanamo prisoners for incarceration here in Nevada. Preferably in Searchlight, with Sen. Reid as their host.

Jim Roach



Stacked jury

To the editor:

I read Larry Elder’s rambling column (May 23), going back to 1916 in one case, to support his argument that capitalism and private enterprise are the only ways to advance our nation. That government intervention is wrong on any level.

His arguments about proposed changes to our health care system, and what it would mean to Americans, are from the conservative playbook, and have no basis in reality.

He ends by saying: "After 100-plus days, the jury reached its verdict. Obama is a neo-Marxist." What jury is he referring to? President Obama’s approval rating is more than 60 percent with the American people.

Mr. Elder must have stacked his imaginary jury with conservatives like himself.

Richard J. Mundy



For the vets

To the editor:

As I watched several of the Memorial Day celebrations, I was once again moved, not only by the suffering and bravery of our troops, but by their families as well. As Americans, we can no longer stand by and accept the status quo.

It’s intolerable the financial burdens placed on our soldiers and their families after they have sacrificed so much. I couldn’t help but think of all the waste in our government and especially the mounting, unnecessary "pork" our Congress allows. They all should be ashamed.

No matter liberal or conservative, our priorities should be to support our veterans above all else. It’s time we all contact our legislators: Demand "Veterans before pork!"

Marolyn Mann



Foreign affairs

To the editor:

So North Korea is exploding nuclear bombs and testing ballistic missiles that could deliver these weapons to surrounding countries and perhaps the West Coast of the United States. I suggest that we send our rookie president over there on his plush 747 spewing tons of carbon into the atmosphere at taxpayer expense. He could then bow humbly from the waist and apologize for all the terrible things the United States has done to North Korea throughout history and agree to stop supporting South Korea.That should make North Korea our ‘friend’ just like Iran and other Middle East countries love us since we have apologized for our many transgressions and distanced ourselves from Israel.

Why don’t we just divide up the country and give the pieces to our enemies? I’m sure this would result in world peace. Oh, wait. I forgot about China, Russia, India, Pakistan, etc., all of which have designs on greater world power.

If we don’t get this current gang of fools out of office soon we can start packing away the American flag.

Mike Garrison


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