Nothing to fear from Obama’s school speech

To the editor:

I have just finished watching the speech by President Obama to the children of America. I want to thank the conservatives for attempting to protect us from the commie/socialist/pinko ideas of the president.

Can you imagine the president of our country attempting to influence the impressionable youth of our country with the commie/socialist/pinko message of working hard, never giving up and completing one’s education?

Moor Braun


Grandiose plans

To the editor:

In Thursday’s Review-Journal, letter writer Richard Secrist claimed, “There is no doubt that the government can do it cheaper.” Mr. Secrist’s knowledge of our economic history is sadly deficient.

The government has never operated anything cheaper than private industry without going into serious debt. Medicare, run by the government, is bankrupt. Social Security, run by the federal government, is on the verge of bankruptcy. The U.S. Postal Service is always spending more than it takes in — bankruptcy.

If the government program does not take in enough money in the form of premiums or taxes to cover spending, then the money to service these debts will come from increasing premiums or taxes or borrowing! The debt adds to the federal deficit, which is compounding at a disastrous rate, obligating our grandchildren for our benefit.

There is no program government runs that even spends within forecasted limits. Our current spending has led to a national debt that “stands today at a staggering $11.5 trillion — equivalent to over $37,000 for each and every American. And it’s expanding by over $1 trillion a year,” according to The Associated Press. This year’s debt alone is estimated to come in at $1.85 trillion.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office stated, “The federal budget is on an unsustainable path, primarily because of the rising cost of health care.” Their analysis further stated the net effect of these proposed health care reforms is to dig the financial hole in federal health care programs deeper — not by $239 billion, but by $820 billion over the next decade.

To add to the problem, China, Japan and the Persian Gulf oil producers are the three top foreign holders of U.S. debt. Interest paid on the debt flows out to enrich these nations at the expense of our children and grandchildren. We are a debtor nation. A fine legacy to those who follow.

By the way, that debt does not include the unfunded obligations for retirement and health care promises. Would that we could have everything, but, as your family already knows, debt is a restraint and reduces one’s standard of living. This we leave to our descendants. How proud we are.

We just cannot afford this president’s grandiose plans to reform our country either financially or morally.

William F. Brennan


Profit motive

To the editor:

So, after reading Eva Love’s recent letter about how wrong it is for business to seek profit, I can assume she either had vast sums of money handed to her somehow, won the lottery, or lived off the public trough her entire life. Who in the world does something that costs money, without the thought of somehow getting back that money, at the very least, and hoping for more (those evil profits)?

Take a casino, for instance. If I owned a casino and everyone was guaranteed to win at least the amount they put in — plus some more — how would I pay my employees, pay my electric bills, give away comps, do anything besides close my doors and shutter the building?

Many things are wrong with insurance companies — I will concede that point — but trying to profit from their business is not one of them.

If the government were actually trying to reduce costs, I would be all for it stepping in to do something. But for somebody to decry profits as the reason for government to step in is illogical. Government doesn’t care about profit because it can command anyone to do anything for whatever cost it thinks is appropriate, without fear of any real repercussions. You and I have to pay taxes regardless.

John Walls


Funny numbers

To the editor:

So, there will be no Social Security cost-of-living increase for the next two years because there supposedly has been no increase in the rate of inflation. A terrific formula based primarily on the cost of fuel.

Let’s see. Taxes on small businesses go up, generating increased prices. Retail prices go up to compensate for less business, taxes on car registrations increase, Medicare premiums go up, property taxes increase even though the property value has decreased by almost half. Yet they tell me that there’s no increase in the cost of living.

I would buy our representatives new calculators, but they are more expensive now, and I just can’t afford it.

Robert J. Rosin


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