Nursing home workers should speak up

To the editor:

Regarding Thursday’s editorial on the state of nursing homes in Nevada, how can the people working there not report what’s been going on? How, when their shift is over, can they leave and forget how human beings are being treated? How can they sleep at night?

I’m sure there are people out there who are caring and would treat these residents like human beings.



Another scandal

To the editor:

So the federal government wants to block the merger of American Airlines and US Airways because it says the move would cause substantial harm to consumers by leading to higher fares and fees (“Government tries to halt proposed airline merger,” Wednesday Review-Journal). Isn’t this exactly what ObamaCare is going to do? Cost us more money?

The government also said the merger would hurt consumers by eliminating a competitor. Isn’t that what a single-payer system for health care would do? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. The Justice Department should sue the executive branch for causing substantial harm to consumers by forcing us to pay for mandatory federal health care.

Oh, but there may be hope yet. An article on the front page the same day (“Health law cost may get tax help”) stated that many lower income families could get tax credits to help pay for ObamaCare. If that happens, then who is going to pay for ObamaCare, the top 1 percent of wage earners? Sounds like more income redistribution to me.

I know those in the current administration don’t really care about consumers; all they care about is getting votes. They sure won’t pay for the votes, though. Instead, they’ll just redistribute hard-working people’s income to those who don’t want to work or work just enough to qualify for a handout. This is really just another scandal that the administration is trying to deny.



Yucca Mountain

To the editor:

The Yucca Mountain Project shows how our politicians and the Obama administration aren’t telling us the real facts when dealing with this project (“Yucca licensing must resume,” Wednesday Review-Journal).

Sen. Harry Reid doesn’t intend to follow and comply with the requirements for this project, which were mandated in the Nuclear Waste Policy Act — a federal law — and upheld by an appeals court last week. If almost anyone tries to violate a federal law, that individual would be put in jail in no time. However, Sen. Reid feels that he’s above the law.

Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz said that his agency doesn’t “have any funding to do any substantial amount of work,” when indeed the Nuclear Waste Fund has more than $25 billion available. The funding does exist, but it is controlled by politicians who don’t like this project, period.

The court ruling noted that Gregory Jaczko, former chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, “orchestrated a systematic campaign of noncompliance.” But Mr. Jaczko wasn’t taken to court for wrongdoing as a government official, thanks to his close ties to Sen. Reid.

No legal or scientific basis exists to validate the shutdown of this project, but the Obama administration will insist that its point of view is right, when it’s not. And that is costing taxpayers money.



Unaffordable health care

To the editor:

A friend of mine owns a small business in Michigan. The company was started by her father and has provided health care coverage for 20-plus employees for more than 50 years. She was recently notified that the implementation of ObamaCare will result in premiums for all her employees going up by 38 percent. As such, she will no longer be able to provide health care for her employees.

Affordable health care indeed.



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